LTLZone is an online tool for planning less than truckload (LTL) shipments

Upload your order list and in a few minutes get the best dispatching plan.

Our Clients


Are you a freight forwarder or do you operate a fleet?


Are you an LTL transporter?

Are you a dispatcher responsible for planning LTL orders?

Do you spend hours planning shipments for your LTL orders?

Is your shipment plan good enough?

Is it possible to make the shipment plan more efficiently?

LTLZone is the right place for you!

How it works?

Web-based software

Upload your excel file on the webpage and get the dispatching plan

Weekly order list

Upload the list of weekly orders as an Excel file

Size and destination of orders

The software requires the information regarding size and destination for the orders

LTLZone Nasıl Çalışır
Flexible for various business models

Easy to be modified for specific needs of users based on their business structure.

Save your time

Get the result in a few minutes. Save the time you spend for complex calculations

Get the best result

The sofware determines the optimal shipment plan and routes for the trucks

Optimize your costs

Minimize your total cost including the direct transportation and crossdocking costs

Optimize your routes

Optimal routes are visualized on the map with the sequence of stops.

Monitor your route costs

Cost and totatl distance are shown on the map. Reduce your costs by an average of 10%.

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